The TENEO™ 317 strikes a perfect balance between state of the art technology, ergonomic design and intuitive use. All Parameters of the TENEO 317 have been analysed and designed to reach the best balance for enhanced speed, safety, usability and reliability.


The TENEO 317 is remarkably easy to use

The intuitive icon-driven menu and touch screentechnology allows you to work effectively. For instance, it takes just 4 steps to complete a procedure

Select Patient  -  Choose Treatment  -  Confirm Treatment  -  Treat

All the treatments are performed without treatment cards, including SUPRACOR™ the market breaking treatment for Presbyopia


 Benefits and features

  • The Compact design makes the TENEO 317 one of the smallest excimer lasers in the market.
  • The smart 45° layout provides unrivalled space, vivibility and comfort.
  • The 3 axis and 360° swivelling customized microscope offers more positions for adjustment than any other in the refractive market.
  • This is the only microscope that provides such an advanced level of flexibility.
  • A working distance of 240mm provides an ideal space for the surgeon to manoeuvre.
  • The generous area under the laser arm allows patients enough room to feel more relaxed and confident, thus making surgery a smoother process.
  • The ergonomic bed helps your patients feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure





Information on TECHNOLAS TENEO 317

The TECHNOLAS TENEO 317 is CE marked but not approved for use in all countries

The TECHNOLAS TENEO 317 is a medical device


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